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Press release
December 17

Orihuela Costa is reaching a crossroads since its conception; after being treated as no more than a valuable source of revenue (nearly 50% of the council’s overall revenue comes from the coast), not just by the existing coalition council but back through history, as time goes on that revenue will only continue to grow as the desire for properties continues, because of the lifestyle, five great golf courses, micro climate etc. that make Orihuela Costa such an attractive magnet.

It is not only those inside the council, but also those connected to it whose lifestyles will be curtailed who fear the prospect of independence for Orihuela Costa, so they will try to confuse or deliberately lie by saying it is illegal or can’t be done or is up to Valencia, etc. etc.

Well, the truth is, since the end of the 1970s there have been around 150 cases of independence being gained, the last one being a village called Tharsis in 2015, when members of a political party locked themselves in the town hall.

Within roughly 10 years, if the trends keep going in the same direction, Orihuela Costa will be as big as the other 26 districts of Orihuela combined. The coast is expanding by roughly 700 residents a year while the rest is decreasing by around 200, which means the balance of power is slowly but surely shifting in our favour. But we cannot wait 10 years, we need to start laying the foundation for independence now, and to do that residents need to decide, do they want things to change or carry on as before?

At every local election, the number of residents who are eligible to vote keeps increasing.

More voters making the effort means we can muster more representatives from the coast, to the point where we can dominate/control the council, even to the extent of deciding who will be mayor, deputy mayor and councillors. The only people who can stall the process of independence for Orihuela Costa is ourselves; others may try with lies, confusion or false promises but they will falter, why, because Orihuela Costa is much wiser and stronger than ever before. You can only fool people for a period of time, then they will start seeing through those fake smiles and all the propaganda hype. We can see a coalition council that is in turmoil, unable to agree and ineffective.

By Peter Houghton.
Partido para la independencia de Orihuela Costa (PIOC)

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