Illegal properties in Spain



October 22
Dear Sir,
I read the letters to the Editor regularly but I haven’t seen any remarks regarding the people who purchased illegal properties in Spain and are still without a conclusion.
I was issued a mortgage in 2005 by a UK-owned bank and ceased paying my mortgage in 2010 as the bank was denying me access to the initial survey of my property. I had to go to the EU after six years to receive it. After I read this document, which stated that my property was illegal, I never paid over 50% of my mortgage and the bank never tried to repossess my property.
How do expats, particularly after Brexit, go back to the UK if they are living in an illegal property as they will have no money to relocate and the courts are not helping this as I am 76 and I will probably be deceased before my case is heard.
Also will the UK pay for a retired person who has to go in a home in Spain?

Michael Kemp

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