German family, victims of Jávea fire, grateful to kind Brits


September 8, 2016

We are a German family and on Sunday evening our house in Jávea near Consum supermarket was threatened by fire, and we were forced to leave.
We had to pack up everything in a few minutes (the good thing was that we had what we needed at hand and threw it in our white Opel Astra car) picked up the bags and fled. The fire was already up to a few metres from the house.
Then we stopped around the Obv. de la Fontana. Our tired children lay on the sidewalk and fell asleep.
But what has most impressed our family was the helping readiness of English people walking by. We were asked several times whether we needed help, we were offered to stay in their flats and beds, and asked if we wanted anything to eat and drink.
The English people really impressed us very much.
We would like to give very special thanks to Mark and his wife with their encouragement and, of course, the ‘mi casa es su casa’ offer.
I hope you can publish this letter to the editor as we sincerely owe it to them.

Many thanks from the Bolufer family.
Thomas Bolufer

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