General election – Voting and registration

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June 12

Celebrate the late Harry Shindler’s ‘right to vote’ campaign by voting in the upcoming General Election.

Another reminder to all British citizens living in Spain. Please register as an Overseas Voter before the deadline of midnight (UK time) on Tuesday 18 June.

If you can prove your UK citizenship, previous residency or registration you will find it is quick and easy to register on-line at

17.00 hours on Wednesday June 19 is the deadline to register for a postal vote.

17.00 hours on Wednesday June 26 is the deadline to register for a proxy vote.

Labour International have, on many occasions, urged voters to use a proxy vote. This is because the postal votes are often sent from the UK too late to arrive here before the election. So choosing a postal vote is often a wasted vote.

Despite all the hype in the newspapers about a Labour win. We are not complacent. It is not a done deal.

If you want to see a change of government in the UK, please get registered now and organise someone in your old constituency to be your proxy voter.

Labour International can help you if you no longer have family and friends in that area. Contact us at

The more votes cast from overseas, the more the UK Government will support the interests of British citizens wherever they are in the world.

Lorraine Hardy,
Labour International


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