December 27

Our lovely world is slowly dying, with only mankind himself to blame.
He has been ravaging its landscape, back since the day he came.
He will be the last to leave our world as likely as not.
As birds, bees, butterflies vanish as our world grows ever bare and hot.
The ivory billed woodpecker and passengar pigeon all no longer fly.
The slender billed curlew and other friends have all said their last goodbye.
Vanishing species of mammals, equines and bears, also gone out flightless auk.
What would our disappearing animals have to say to us, if only they could talk.
Within our recent history, the dodo, Sumatran tiger and many of our natural friends
Now only to be seen in pictures, to suit mankinds selfish ends.
The flora and fauna will dry and die, herbivores with nothing left to eat.
The last rhinoceros will also fall with his stolen horn now incomplete.
With the pure greed of mankind our world’s end it is almost nigh.
Left with a barren landscape and no earthly creatures or winged ones left to fly.
Within this noiseless, soundless desolation and with no one left to cry.
With no human left to look across its bare silent devastation as mankind himself will die.
Throughout this ghostly, silent, empty desolation, millons of teardrop echoes would be heard.
But with no one left to shed them all, extinction would be the word.

Regards from
Mick Scarles

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  1. Mick, You summed it up perfectly.. Your words are so much more elegant than mine. Thank you, Senor. ..Brian, Anna, Valencia


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