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March 3
I am going to Valencia on March 9, I have been going to Fallas for 15 years, I go to the ‘corridas’ and many parties and meet many of my friends there and always have a great time.
I have my plane, tickets and hotel all reserved. At this time, I am worried because of the Coro 19 virus. I am 71-years-old and worried because of my age and at the Plaza De Toros because of how close we sit to each other.
I have made up my mind to go I have my own rules to follow, a mask (so I don’t touch my face), about this, no kissing and washing my hands often. Is there any other information you can give me
Thank You
Lydia Ackerman
Dear Lydia
So far all the scheduled events for the Fallas are going ahead. At the time of printing all the coronavirus cases in the Valencia region were imported (people who had travelled or been in contact with those who had travelled to affected areas – mainly northern Italy). The advice from the ministry of health, published in this edition, basically concern personal hygiene (washing hands, not touching your face, etc).
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