Citizenship change for Scots expats?

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June 29

Scots expats in Spain face a change of citizenship if trends in support for independence are confirmed in a new referendum. They would cease to be British. And that could also have consequences for their residency status here as the TIE is intended for ex-EU citizens.

Brexit has had many unintended consequences, and Scottish independence could be another. Independence is not simply a shift of power from London to Edinburgh, in the way Brexit shifted power from Brussels to London. It also means a change of citizenship.

But expats will not have a vote. This is reserved for residents in Scotland, whatever their nationality. Ironically, refugees and migrants will be able to vote on the citizenship of Scots in Spain, but expats will be pushed further out into the wilderness until new passports are issued and the status in Europe is negotiated.

Boris is said to be looking at extending a vote on Scottish independence to the whole of the UK. No one really knows how that would fall out. Perhaps the English would be happy to wave farewell now that the oil has dried up. We shall see.

If you have an interest, write to your MP, MSP or Boris.

Samuel Laird

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