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Email, February 16, 2016

With regard to your correspondent’s letter, Linda Garfield (CBNews, February 12), what she says again makes good sense in that in order to cast a vote on the forthcoming referendum, you must make sure that you are eligible to vote in good time.
There being safety in numbers. But of course this could work both ways, in that there will be some who would wish to vote for a Brexit.
However there are far too many expats who have never voted yet in any major election, which could be put down to sheer apathy.
Major incidents which are occurring right now include the joining of forces such as Messrs Kinnock, Major, Brown, and not forgetting the worst prime minister of modern times, Blair… Oh yes, and include the US President, Obama. This array of unity must surely be more than enough to deter people from voting to stay within Europe, though why the latter should be interfering in the referendum is sufficient to say “Brexit”.
First and foremost must come Mr Cameron, who is jet-setting around Europe, wasting his time, achieving nothing and contributing to the effects of “global warming” along with the rest of the windbags of Brussels and the so-called European Parliament.
Perhaps the biggest threat may yet come from the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have gained a place in Britain and have got themselves on the Register. Many of these will obviously be voting to stay within Europe, because of the benefits to be gained by staying put. And whilst ever the Polish government orders Britain to allow any Child Allowances to still be paid to children who have never set foot in Britain (not their fault of course), nothing will change there. Not forgetting of course that a certain Iain Duncan Smith stopped the Winter Fuel Allowance for thousands of expats who have contributed to the system through their working lives, as Linda quite rightly mentions. Yet his Government is quite content to raise the level of Overseas Aid, and permit various allowances to be freely given to whoever wants it. And of course, do not mention the 55 million pounds paid daily into a corrupt, incompetent system, and you begin to get the idea that the British Government cares little for the British people, especially expats.
When people do eventually get the chance to cast their vote, it will still be a difficult decision to make, probably torn between Head and Heart. But I personally ask that, should Britain choose to remain within the current set-up, then what would become of Britain into the long-term future? Would there still be a Britain, or would it be just swallowed up as a major “dumping ground” for the rest of Europe? There are difficult times ahead for Britain and the British people, especially the forgotten people. The expats. But it goes without saying, please use your right to vote!

Yours sincerely
N J Whiteside

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