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April 26
Co. Down, N. Ireland

Dear Editor,

People of all political persuasions need to put their differences aside and unite to end the exorbitant censorship prevalent in today’s society.

It seems you can’t say diddly squat without being banned, censored, deplatformed, or cancelled; or being accused of misinformation, false news, or any of the other rubbish. How can we even debate if we can’t state our opinions?

What remains in the open are solely the official mainstream narratives for everything.

We’re told to follow science, for example, but questioning science or perceived reality is how science is practiced.

Once we attain the political condition of free speech then we can argue anew over flags, and marches, and street names.

But please remember that as we bluster and fuss over these inconsequentialities, the world around us is being transformed and revolutionised.

Blockchain technology, Central Bank Digital Currency, armed drones over OUR skies, a social credit system like China’s, microchip implants “that let you pay with your hand” (Katherine Latham, BBC News 11th April, 2022), are all coming to you any time soon without public consent or consultation.

Remember this the next time you get bogged down in tribal nonsense.

Louis Shawcross

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