Birthday gift for Australia

February 17
Hi Costa News!
I just wanted to share some good news that you might be interested in.
After travelling around the world for almost 2 years, my family and I settled in Mijas, Costa del Sol.
During our trip, our son K, had the chance to meet so many animals and open his eyes on the beauty of our planet.
He just turned six and he decided to turn his birthday into a fundraising event after seeing the damages caused by the wildfires in Australia.
He was particularly affected because meeting wild kangaroos and koalas was one of the highlights of our world-trip!
He asked family and friends to give him money instead of birthday presents and all the proceeds will go to charities of his choice in Australia but also in Asia where he wants to save the tigers.
So far, he has raised a little over 500 euros!
We are sharing everything on our Instagram page @whentokyometsydney.
K would now love to spread the world and we are doing everything we can to help him and encourage him. He’s already inspired his school friends who want to do the same for their birthdays!
Please let us know if and in which ways you could help us 🙂 Hoping maybe you can write a little article about his journey…
Thank you for taking the time to reading us!
Best regards,


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