With November arriving and the lowering of the sun.

This is the time we need an extra effort from everyone.

Poppies are a symbol for shedding quiet tears.

To never forget heroes throughout our passage of years.

With poppies row upon row placed with loving aware.

We need your generosity, giving soldiers and veterans our care.

With much care to give, many commitments to meet.

Put more cash in the tin, in the store or on street.

Then just a silence to listen for that lone bugle call.

For heroes,warriors, veterans, remember them all.

As people will gather and that bugle will sound.

Remember heroes and soldiers fought for battleground.

With two minutes of silence on Remembrance Day.

Remember all this when your poppy you lay.

For service personnel and heroes whose lives were slain.

Remembering the veterans when all poppies are lain.

With that deafening silence for souls who had to pay.

Until all guns fell quiet on many a wars final day.

Mick Scarles (SW19 expat)

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