British arrivals sent home from Alicante airport

NAC191. ALICANTE, 04/07/2012.- Un Airbus A-320 de Iberia Express rueda ante el edificio terminal del aeropuerto de Alicante tras ser sometido a una inspección minuciosa, después de que un pasajero avisara a la tripulación de una maleta sospechosa, aunque finalmente no se detectó nada anormal y pudo continuar su vuelo hacia Madrid. EFE/Morell

Dozens of British passengers arriving at Alicante-Elche airport have been escorted back onto a plane and returned to the UK after being refused entry into Spain.

An easyJet flight from London Gatwick touched down on Friday but only Spanish nationals and officially resident passengers were allowed through passport control.

Despite having fulfilled criteria to leave the UK – where foreign travel currently remains illegal – they were taken back onto the same airliner.

According to the Spanish government and confirmed by the British Embassy in Madrid, the people had jumped the gun and did not meet regulations to enter the country.

Full report in Costa Blanca News – in the shops on Thursday this week due to the Easter holidays

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  1. Yet they let French people drive here (my next door neighbour and not a resident)
    pass through regional borders which even Spanish residents are not allowed to. No PCR test and wasn’t stopped at all even though the Covid rate of infections are at least ten times the current Spanish rate. You couldn’t make it up.

  2. It;s time to BOYCOTT Spain. We Brits are treated as cash cows- nothing more. They’ll let you open a business without residency, but will sling you out as soon as it suits them !Let’s see how long it will be before they notice that they NEED our money!

    • You were allowed to open the business because you were part of single market. Not anymore and its not Spanish fault that UK left the EU. You cannot have everything the way you want.
      Expat=immigrants and immigrants needs to follow the immigration regulations.

  3. 40 flights last week arrived in majorca with german tourists the seem to forget that 90% of the tourist trade in spain is british this is a political statement because of brexit it is a disgrace , and they are shooting themselves in the foot , 1000s of French travel down every weekend to madrid and northen spain there are no boarder controls I know this as a fact as my husband travels to and from spain france germany Holland UK every week HGV driver, we as british citizens and being victimized and persecuted by this pedro Sanchez goverment. It’s all politically based as in germany I can not travel from one Capitol city to another but can fly to majorca we all need to stand up for our rights , it’s all ridiculous as my Norwegian friends need no T.I.E or have trouble with coming in or out and they also not EU members its prejudice.

  4. Does anyone know will they let you in fir compassionate reasons – my parents are residents and we were visiting as my Mum is very poorly – we had a letter from the hospital QR code issued by Spanish app but refused entry onto flight at Birmingham- do we or can we get exemption from the Spanish Consulate? Thanks in desperation

  5. Yesterday was the most stressfull and distressing day ever. Myself and my husband,( who has advanced Parkinsons disease) were refused to fly to Gatwick from Alicante Airport. I had passenger locator forms on my phone which weren’t even looked at. Evidence of negative Covid tests the day before performed at a clinic in Albir. Evidence of our double vaccinations and an NHS app with my vaccinations on. The male was a demon. As I am 75 I am fairly slow but not too bad with new technology. He told me to get to the side whilst other people check in – fair enough but his manner was rude and my husband was becoming very distraught. I found my app to show him and he rudely told me “gate closed -you’ll have to book another flight and do new Passenger Locator Forms. A nightmare. My phone battery was low at this point and I just could not find any help in the airport. Eventually, after me struggling to sort it myself, a fantastic young lady from Easyjet called Anna gave us water and decided to help us. By this time my husband was visibly upset. She must have spent over an hour with us and her colleague Mareya joined in. They did everything that needed doing including booking us a new flight for 4.30pm, checked us in and printed off our boarding passes. I just cannot thank them enough and don’t know what we would have done without them. I still feel we had enough evidence to fly and feel we shouldn’t have had to spend over 200 euros on a new flight. After the horrendous treatment at the book-in desk, the staff on the plane were fabulous and the man who worked transporting disabled passengers to the planes was also kind and caring.


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