Sekts education!


I know – sorry, but I couldn’t resist it!
I remember being somewhat ambivalent about sex education when I was a testosterone charged (charging?) 14 yr old. On the one hand I wasn’t looking forward to the squirming embarrassment of school lessons on the subject, but on the other I knew I needed to know!
Sekt, is altogether different, though I do confess to becoming enamoured by it!
Regarding German Wine, Millennials who love the nectar of the gods have an advantage over us of the Baby Boom generation, of a similar persuasion. Unlike us who suffered, these youngsters are unencumbered by debilitating memories of names like Blue Nun, Black Tower, Liebfraumilch et al! They can innocently select a German Wine from the shelves without any preconceived worries about its quality, its level of sweetness, its inability to pair with food, in short, its nastiness!

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