Norwegians *would!


I once met some girls, or should I say, they once met me! Ok, it’s paraphrasing, but you know me, any opportunity to use a Beatles’ line, and I’m on it! So, what’s it all about, Alfie? (Yes, that’s Cilla, but come on they were all friends!)
Well, the aforementioned Norwegian girls was a group of 8 over for a week in Javea, enjoying the sunshine and I was informed that they *would love a Spanish Wine Tasting as well (the asterisk, in case the title is just too obscure!). This was my first Private Wine Tasting following my video presentation recently ( and I wanted to impress!
Of course Spain produces so many great wines, it’s impossible to give a cross section of what can be found here – but I like to try to give tasters at least an idea of some of: the styles of wines, grape varieties, areas of production, flavours and aromas. It’s great fun and when paired with gourmet tapas, as this was, it’s so, so tasty!  Facebook Colin Harkness

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