It’s all about the aroma


It’s really the aroma of the Lagunilla Reserva 2011 that captures ones attention, even as the cork is being pulled.
It immediately speaks of the cellars where the wine has been aging before its release onto the market. If you’ve ever visited (with me perhaps, it’s one of the wine things I do) the ‘crianza’ cellar, almost invariably below the bodega, you’ll know what I mean.
There’s a captivating aroma, firstly of the oak, perhaps French, maybe American – or both, and then of rich red wine. Of course, in the cellar it’s the wood that takes the lead, as it is in this case, when the bottle is first opened. Then, the seasoned taster waits a while for the well-made wine to develop in the glass as the primary aromas reverse, with the fruit of the wine coming to, and remaining at, the fore.

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