Itinerant winemakers


The vast majority of wine made in Spain is created by bodegas which either have their own vineyards or buy their gapes from trusted growers (who have often been supplying the bodegas with their produce for generations), or a combination of both.
However, in recent years a ‘new’ phenomenon has slowly started to appear – ‘bodegas’ which own neither vineyards nor the actual wine-making facility (the building where the wines are made and stored) nor indeed all the attendant paraphernalia, like presses, tanks, barrels, pumps, hoses et al.
Itinerant winemakers, rather than itinerant grape-pickers, have arrived in the Spanish countryside – and I can see their numbers increase as time goes on. There are lots of restrictions regarding buying land, planting vines, building a winery etc, one of which is of course, the cost of so doing. So, renting becomes the option of choice.
For these traveling wine-makers, it’s a win-win situation – providing they can ‘come up with the goods’ that people do want to buy, plus the means by which their individualistic wines can be promoted. Well, Bodegas Atlan and Artisan have both of these prerequisites nicely in hand.

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