A cherry on the Telitec tasting tour trifle!


Actually, I’m not keen on trifle, so the title may be a little misleading. I’m referring to the old homily where the best is saved to the last.
We are now well into the New year and the Telitec Tasting Tour seems sooo last year! (Watch this space though, it may well rise again, so popular was this series of fine wine and top tapas tastings). However, I couldn’t sign it off without reference to the penultimate tasting of the tour (and the final one, which will appear here, soon).
Javea’s Nox Restaurant is the final eatery of the Arenal beach just before the cove reverts to its natural state of cliff-face rocks and vegetation. It’s interior is plush, to say the least and it’s clear that considerable money has been lavished upon it – and that’s not just in terms of the décor, fittings etc. The staff, including a talented sommelier strike that perfect balance between impeccable professionalism and the open, friendly touch.

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