Wave goodbye to the planet

Hawking’s end of our world predictions will be featured in a BBC documentary in June

We are all doomed! That is, unless someone can come up with a pretty cunning plan to get us off this rock.
According to Professor Stephen Hawking, humans have only got about 100 years left to find another planet to live on or else it’s game over.
Previously, the renowned theoretical physicist had given us 1,000 years to move to a new world, but with population growth, climate change, the threat of nuclear war, epidemics and overdue asteroid strikes, he’s revised the figure downwards. We are inching ever closer to our extinction. Gulp!
Oh well, maybe we should just call it a day. We’ve had a pretty good innings, creating empires, curing diseases, working together as a European community and inventing orange Smarties. What more can we do?
The full details of Hawking’s end of our world predictions will be featured in a BBC documentary in June, where he suggests that we need to establish bases on several planets if we’re going to survive. He believes that disaster is inevitable, and most likely it will be of our own making. Therefore, even if we do manage to get off our big blue planet we’re only going to delay our demise rather than prevent it. We’ll just be taking our problems elsewhere.
Far be it from me to contradict the superstar scientist, but I think his 100-year prediction is wrong and wildly optimistic. We’ve only got three years at most. Given the current numbskull incumbent of the White House, the doomsday clock is already ticking fast. The time to pack our bags is NOW.

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