Ugly loose women row


The most unedifying TV spectacle of the past week or so was the attempted reconciliation between Kim Woodburn and Coleen Nolan on Loose Women. The idea apparently was for the two TV stars to bury the hatchet after feuding on Celebrity Big Brother 2017. However, I don’t believe anyone involved with the show who said that this was a genuine attempt to patch things up.
That it quickly descended into a slagging match was no surprise and is what I suspect the programme-makers wanted because it made ‘good telly’. Here’s a big clue that the producers were hoping for theatrics. This segment of the programme was chaired by Janet Street-Porter who was wearing a judge’s costume. If the two women really wanted to get things back on an even keel they would’ve met quietly over a meal or drink away from the television cameras.
And while I’m on about bad telly if you happen to bump into Robbie Williams can you remind him that the X-Factor is a talent show where the public wants to hear from contestants not him. He should keep his ego in check and refrain from jumping up on stage and joining in with the wannabees.

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