Tory MP Backs Trump


Donald Trump’s supporters among the UK’s political classes are few and far between. That’s most likely because too many people are making evidence-based arguments that the strangely coiffured one is a lying, unhinged, misogynistic racist bully with zero command of policy detail.
So we say thank you to Conservative MP Philip Davies for admitting he would vote for Trump “in a heartbeat” because “we should celebrate politicians who stand up and say things that are unpopular and controversial”. By that I suppose he means things such as Mexican immigrants are rapists, Senator John McCain isn’t a war hero because he was captured and that there should be a shutdown of Muslims entering the US.
So well done Davies. Yours is just the sort of silliness we need at Westminster, reminding us that despite modernisation in the Tory party there are still a few Tim Nice But Dims about. Please, carry on with your hilarious gibberish about a man who makes the second George Bush look like Abraham Lincoln.

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