This Won’t Be the Last Time

I love to see OAPs partying, having a good time and carrying on - so was delighted to hear the Rolling Stones are going on tour in the UK Photo: EPA

I love to see OAPs partying, having a good time and carrying on with a healthy disregard for the march of time. I hope that I’m just as active if I make it to my twilight years. So I was especially delighted to discover that my favourite group of pensioners in the world ever, the Rolling Stones, are going back on the road with a stadium tour of the UK later this year.
They are in their sixth decade of touring and when asked about this Keith Richards quipped that “we’re just getting started” – or maybe he was being serious.
I was at one of their gigs at Wembley some 20 years or so ago and would love to watch them again before nature takes its course and spirits one or more of them away. But I’ve no need to rush out to purchase tickets for the forthcoming concert series because there’ll be another one soon enough. This fantastic band is going to be around until the sun explodes and takes our planet with it.

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