Hooray for Harry!

The party prince has grown up

A royal publicity stunt or an open and honest interview? Newsweek’s revealing article about Prince Harry has certainly divided opinion. I want to put my natural cynicism in check and believe it was the latter. While the royal family mean nothing to me, Prince Harry is cutting an increasingly impressive figure. From his serving in Afghanistan (he even lobbied to stay on the battlefield when requested to leave for security reasons) to his support for mental health charities and the Invictus Games he is using his privileged position to do some good. The party prince has grown up. The most astonishing part of the interview was when he wondered if there is anyone in the royal family who wants to be king or queen. Well, the answer to that is yes, at least one person. Prince Charles is aching so much for the top job it hurts. Harry also talked about his work with Kate and William in pulling the monarchy into the 21st century, something it desperately needs. If he dedicates himself with the same conviction he’s demonstrated in his other roles, he’ll succeed in preventing it from slipping into the history books.

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