‘Bumbling’ Boris is a bore

The former London mayor has joined the Brexit campaign to further his political ambitions

Boris Johnson is in danger of becoming the biggest bore in Britain. I am so tired of his buffoonish ‘Tim nice-but-dim’ shtick. These days, it fools absolutely no one. The former London mayor is clearly no joker and his seemingly chaotic bonhomie is dull and tedious.
You only have to read some of his columns to know that there is a very shrewd and intelligent brain at work. This after all is a politician who is more calculating and Machiavellian than most, who joined the Brexit campaign to further his political ambitions.
And yet for all his intelligence, he cannot seem to stop shooting himself in the foot. But this too is wearing thin for the regularity with which he tells Pinocchio-sized whoppers, misuses statistics and makes wild assertions. His comparison between the EU and Hitler’s plan to rule the continent, while ludicrous and controversial, should’ve just been met with a nationwide yawn.
Boris used to play the clown well and we loved him for it. But now we are wise to this façade. He’s no lovable eccentric, but a dangerous far right nutter who would be at home with Donald Trump and members of the Republican Tea Party.
If, as I hope we stay in Europe, the referendum result will come with one added bonus. It should, for a while at least torpedo Boris’s naked prime ministerial aspirations.

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