Bolton’s got the UKIP blues

Henry Bolton is down but not out, saying he may even run in UKIP's forthcoming leadership election. Can't he take a hint? Photo: EPA

I have no idea whether Henry Bolton can play a musical instrument but he should pick up a guitar and a harmonica right now and start composing. The former UKIP leader is a walking talking living breathing blues song. He lost his wife, his family, his girlfriend and now his job. Heck if he has a cat it’s probably gone AWOL as well.
I mean I hate to kick a man when he’s down. Oh, actually I don’t. I’m quite enjoying his fall. He brought it all on himself with his philandering ways and he should’ve done a better job of distancing himself from his much younger former lover’s racist comments. So, tough toddy. The only politician sorrier than him is Theresa May who’s gamely gripping on to reality and control of her party with all she’s got.
Mind you Bolton is down but he’s not out yet and says he may even run in the forthcoming leadership election. He can’t take a hint, can he? The ousted politician is a fool if he wants to still shackle himself to a bunch of losers who are looking for their seventh leader in 18 months. That alone says all you need to know about a party in terminal decline. But then again he has got a serious case of the blues. With apologies to Hank Williams I’ve slightly reworked the lyrics to one of his most famous songs: “Bolton is nobody’s sugar daddy now. He’s lonesome. He’s got the UKIP blues.”

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