Brexit: ‘You could lose it all’ government tells expats


    A VOTE to leave the European Union in the June 23 referendum could leave expats high and dry.
    This was one of the conclusions of a report published by the UK Cabinet Office this week on the consequences of a Brexit.
    Civil servants noted that the ‘status and entitlements of the approximately two million UK citizens living, working and travelling in the other 27 member states of the EU’ could be taken away.

    Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper


    1. Well let’s hope the uk is ready for 2 million ex pats living across the 27 member states all looking for support, health benefits, heating allowance, housing, etc.etc., millions of which have paid into the system, during their working lives, unlike, what is happening with help and assistance in the uk now Be assured this is what will happen, many will return to the uk, the national health can’t cope now, god help us.
      What saddens me is that I am not an activist, but I am being realistic, in how this all,will affect me no many many others.

      • This issue has been mentioned in several other articles published in recent weekend on the referendum.
        This particular article focuses mainly on the consequences the Cabinet says Brexit will have


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