Rabbit poisoners face charges


Three suspects are under investigation for using poison which had been placed in and around rabbit burrows at an Alicante farm.

A Guardia Civil spokesman said one of the suspects was caught ‘in the act’ on the farmland.

“He was carrying a bucket and throwing small capsules on the ground,” noted the spokesman.

This turned out to be rat poison which was allegedly being used to kill rabbits.

Officers have removed ‘300 dosis of poison placed in burrows’ and seized another nine kilos of the substance from the property.

The spokesman noted that rat poison can only be used in the interior of homes and next to them, when it is ‘placed inside traps’ in order to kill rats and mice.

Use of poison in a natural setting is ‘completely prohibited’ as it can get into the food chain, he added.

Three men aged between 50 and 64 years old are under investigation.

They face a charge of committing a crime against flora and fauna by using poison to kill wild animals which could possibly have an effect on protected species.



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