Málaga’s ‘cool’ summer

The season posted the lowest average temperatures in over a decade

Málaga's Calle Larios during August of this year (Photo: CDSN)

THE summer of 2017 has been the coolest in Málaga since 2005. While June recorded above average temperatures, both July and August saw the mercury reluctant to reach new heights. The result is that the past three months have broken the warming trend which has characterised the early years of the 21st century.

Last week’s data from the Málaga Meteorological Office put the average temperature in June, as recorded the city’s airport, at 25.3°C, some 2.3°C above normal. Overnight, the average was 20.7°C against the historical figure of just 18°C. However, July was the second coolest this century, with the average of 25.5°C only just above the historical average for the month.

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