Heart attack victim drives to another town due to lack of doctor

Man had to take his own car from Alhaurín el Grande to Coín

The Alhaurín el Grande health centre, where no doctor was available at the A&E unit

A 56-YEAR-old Alhaurín el Grande man who suffered a heart attack had to drive himself to the health centre in Coín after finding no ambulance or A&E doctor at the local health centre in Alhaurín.

The incident two Saturdays ago came to light last week when it was reported in the Málaga Hoy newspaper. The man had gone to the Alhaurín el Grande health centre complaining of sharp chest pain, but was told there was no one there who could attend him. The A&E department of the health centre is open on Saturdays but the doctor had gone out with centre’s only ambulance to accompany a patient who was being transferred to hospital in Málaga.

Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper


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