Benalmádena woman delivers roadside baby

Christine Steinbach jumped into action after her friend Mel Dawson went into labour in the back of a car

Surprise 'midwife' Christine with baby Aaron in arms, accompanied by her husband Herby (left) and proud parents Mel and Chris, with their other son Jared

A BENALMÁDENA woman was forced into the unexpected role of a midwife last month, after her friend went into labour in the back of a car in the centre of Málaga.

The extraordinary tale began at 11.30pm on Friday, March 24. Christine Steinbach and her husband Herby, originally from Stoke on Trent, were turning in for the night when they received a phone call from Chris Simpson, the partner of their heavily pregnant friend Mel Dawson.

He said that Mel thought she was going into labour, so Christine and Herby picked up the couple and their son Jared before setting off towards Málaga’s Materno Infantil hospital. But it didn’t take long for the situation to take a turn.

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