171 kilos of cocaine hidden in fake bananas

Pallet marked with a large red 'X' led officers straight to the haul

The X-marked pallet held 19 boxes, each containing 88 cocaine-stuffed plastic bananas

By Oliver McIntyre

POLICE and customs officials have seized 171 kilos of cocaine that was packed into fake bananas hidden among a shipment of real fruit sent from Colombia to Algeciras port.

Investigators were already on the lookout for the shipment – but their job was made easier when they saw that one of the pallets in the container had been marked with a large red ‘X’.

The investigation had been underway since July 2014 when officers learned of a gang allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine in shipping containers, said National Police officials. Investigators identified a fruit company possibly linked to the gang, and when a shipment destined for the company arrived at the port, officers were ready to pounce.

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