Seatbelts and mobiles targeted by new cameras

Of 70 traffic cameras to be installed nationwide, 19 will be in Andalucía

Not just speed traps anumore: new cameras will check for seatbelts and phone use. Photo: A. García

By Dave Jamieson

More than a quarter of 70 new traffic monitoring cameras nationwide are to be installed on roads in Andalucía. Tráfico says the new technology being rolled out can detect whether seatbelts are in use and if the driver is holding a mobile phone.

The traffic authority has announced that 70 of the detectors are to go into use, mainly on B-roads across the country, with 19 planned for Andalucía. The laser-operated cameras can take 50 pictures a second which they can then send automatically to Tráfico headquarters for a fine to be issued to offenders. As the apparatus requires neither mains power nor an internet connection, the units can be positioned in extremely remote areas.

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