Free parking for Torremolinos shoppers and diners

Business to provide customers vouchers for five town centre car parks

A poster that will be displayed at participating businesses

By Oliver McIntyre

People heading into Torremolinos town centre to shop or eat out will have access to free parking under a new scheme launched this Monday.

The town hall and the local ACET business association last week signed a deal with five car parks in the town centre that will provide a total of 1,200 free parking spaces for people who make purchases at shops, restaurants, bars and other businesses in the town centre.

The goal is “to promote local commerce by making it easier for residents and tourists to shop and spend leisure time in the town,” said mayor José Ortiz.

Under the deal, participating businesses can hand out one-hour parking vouchers to customers who make purchases in their establishment. Each business can decide how many tickets to provide per size of purchase, and customers can use multiple vouchers from one or more businesses to pay for their parking.

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