Crackdown on abandoned plots and buildings

Owners in Torremolinos could face forced sale of derelict properties

The town hall has created an officical register of derelict buildings and plots Photo: Rohu

By Oliver McIntyre

TORREMOLINOS town hall has launched a scheme to rid the town of unsightly and potentially dangerous abandoned plots or buildings, with owners facing the possible forced sale of their property if they fail to fix it up.

Under a new bylaw, the town hall has created the Municipal Register of Derelict Plots and Buildings, with the aim of identifying abandoned properties that “do not meet the conditions of construction, conservation and restoration laid out in the Andalucía Land Law (LOUA),” said the town hall last week.

Deputy mayor Maribel Tocón said: “In Torremolinos there has been a proliferation in recent years of numerous buildings and plots in a ruinous state, in poor conditions or with unfinished halted works … a situation we must address as quickly as possible for the good of the town’s image and the wellbeing of residents.”

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