Belt up or get ‘snapped’

New state-of-the-art cameras can catch drivers who aren't using their seatbelts

The cameras went live last week, with a two-month grace period during which drivers will receive only a warning letter - once the grace period is over, offenders will start receiving photos like this one, along with a €200 fine and three points off their licence

PEOPLE who drive their cars without fastening their seatbelts are now being watched by new cameras installed by the State’s traffic department (DGT), and will shortly face sanctions including a €200 fine.

The new crackdown on seatbelt wearing has seen a total of 225 strategically placed state-of-the-art cameras installed across Spain, which can ‘see’ if a driver has buckled up or not. They came into operation last week, with 18 monitoring the roads of Málaga province.

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