Valencia region will not request phase two status next Monday


Valencia regional health councillor Ana Barceló has announced her department will not be requesting the region enters phase two on Monday as initially stated. Sra Barceló says the regional government prefers to ‘show caution’ after the rate of infection grew slightly according to daily figures reported this afternoon (Tuesday).
She added that some areas (the main cities in the region) only just begun phase one yesterday (Monday, May 18) and that it was ‘preferable’ for the whole region to enter phase two together the following week (commencing May 25) now that the provinces have become the zone of reference – bearing in mind that only those areas who entered phase one on May 11 could enter phase two as the government has established all phases should last at least 14 days each.
In phase two more allowances are made for social gathering (a maximum of 15 people instead of 10 in phase one); beaches could reopen for leisure (only sport and walks in phase one); all establishments over over 400sqm could open fully; and bars and restaurants could begin using 50% of their inside space (only 50% of terrace space is allowed in phase one)


  1. Why can I go shopping in zenia boulevard to buy a TV, but can’t go to work in my job selling e cigs in an area less than 400sq m? (in flamenco beach center)


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