Face masks – new rules published


The government has just published new rules in the state official bulletin (BOE) on wearing face masks in public places.

The BOE notes that the regulations will become law tomorrow (Thursday).

It states that face masks must be worn by people aged six and over in the street and public areas – both indoor and out – when a distance of more than two metres cannot be maintained between people.

People who have respiratory problems will not be obliged to wear masks, according to the BOE, nor those who have health problems which would make wearing a mask counterproductive.

The BOE states that people will not have to wear a mask when they are carrying out activities which are ‘incompatible with its use’, such as drinking or eating food.

Full report on the BOE text in Friday’s Costa Blanca News – available from supermarkets, tobacconists/newspaper shops and online at www.costa-news.com

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