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June 23

The Valencia health authority have decided to delay the 2nd dose of AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine until 16 weeks after the first for those in the 60-69 age group.

I have just spoken to the central help desk who coordinate the vaccines and they have confirmed this.

People who are some of the most vulnerable in their 60s will be left unprotected while people in their 40s and younger will have full protection.

This is the wrong decision affecting many people on the Costa Blanca.

AstraZeneca website provides technical information on the vaccine stating that the second dose should be given between three and 12 weeks after the first.

The decision is going against the vaccine manufacturer’s instructions.

Many other regions in Spain are bringing the second dose of AstraZeneca forward but Valencia is pushing it back. It’s impacting on the health and well-being of many older people and should be highlighted.

Jim Russell

Hi Jim, we understand that the information you have been given is incorrect.
There have been cancelled appointments for people who were given the first dose of AstraZeneca in April, who are waiting for their second dose.
However, more doses of the Oxford vaccine have arrived this week and we understand that from Friday people in their 60s will start to be called in for their second jabs with that vaccine next week.
The regional health authority has decided not to mix vaccines for over 60s. Most of the vaccines being delivered to Spain at the moment are from Pfizer. Those jabs are going to younger people because under their guidelines, the health authority will not give a different vaccine to people over 60 for their second jab.
Dave Jones

June 18

Dear Editor,

Me and my partner are 60. We missed the call for vaccine and have been to the health centre three times and to the vaccination centre three times and they still won’t give us the vaccine as we are in the group that is for AstraZeneca and they are not giving it any more. I’ve had a heart operation and we work in hospitality.

What can we do? We are not alone.

If you could help with advice it would be appreciated,

Stephen McCamley

Hi Steve, as stated above more AstraZeneca jabs are now arriving. However, in the short term they will go to people for second jabs.
If you missed an appointment you will have to wait to be called again (via text message or a phone call).
You could ask for an appointment with your doctor to state your case for having a different vaccine (ie, Pfizer) due to your heart condition.
Dave Jones

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