Sea currents

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I was out in Spain last week, and on the June 5 I was down the beach at La Marina having coffee at the restaurant. On the shoreline there was something there had been washed up which was causing some interest to walkers passing by to stop and look. From a distance it looked to me like a dead seal, until I went down to have a closer look and it turned out to be a camel.

My point is – was it due to the strong currents that washed up this poor camel onto the shores of La Marina, I cannot find any news articles.

John Koutsios

Thanks for writing in John. In reply, I have to admit that we don’t know how the poor camel ended up on the beach. But, as you point out, with the easterly wind blowing, this creates currents and all sorts of ‘stuff’ is brought into shore – dead fish, jellyfish, rubbish and sometimes the bodies of creatures that have died at sea, or been washed out to sea.
The easterly wind, which blows off the sea, also creates very difficult, often dangerous, swimming conditions. And people should be aware that entering the sea while an easterly is blowing could cost them their lives
David Jones

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