Joy for the jab


May 13

I must say it was not just a massive relief but actually a pleasure to be able to take my mother for her Covid-19 vaccination in Torrevieja this week.

Since she suffers from severe, early onset Alzheimer’s, the last 14 months have been especially hard as her already shrinking world has been reduced to her small apartment and occasional visits to the supermarket or a coffee (when lockdowns have permitted).

These necessary cautious outings have been the only lifeline to help stem, in as much as is possible, the inevitable advance of the disease.

Time is precious, especially that spent with those we love and in particular with those whose faculties are fading and may not even recognise us much longer.

It is hard to imagine, especially as she struggles to communicate, how this pandemic must seem through her eyes – it has been difficult enough for everybody to swallow, to the extent that many otherwise reasonable people still deny the science and amplify fears (often with a hidden agenda).

Dementia can be similar to a childlike state of mind, in which fears and emotions run close to the surface so trying to sustain her positive outlook has been an immense task, especially for her other child who is her flatmate and principal carer.

Fortunately we were able to overcome her doubts about getting vaccinated so could only hope that the experience would not turn out to be traumatic.

Therefore I am pleased and grateful to everybody involved in the process of ensuring that she and many thousands of others are now able to see a glimpse of light at the end of this long tunnel.

The vaccination process at the CMO was fast, efficient and, importantly, very friendly, with polite assistance from all the local police, Protección Civil and medical personnel involved.

My sincere thanks,
Lee Hicks

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