‘Heaven On Earth’


Put down your weapons
Forget all the hate.
Stop bombs from falling
Before it’s too late.
Hold out your arms
To your brothers with love.
Remember God’s teachings.
From Heaven above.
Let families live
As they should.
All in peace,
Living and thriving
Once all conflicts cease.
The world is a big place
There’s room for us all,
No matter what colour
Or faith on we call.
God’s universal
His name might adjust
But we all look above
To someone we can trust.
No famine no children
With nothing to eat.
Nobody to walk
Without shoes on their feet.
A water supply
That is there out a tap.
No homeless on streets
Begging coins in their cap.
A world for us all
With enough for each purse.
No strikes or protesting
Nobody to curse.
A World not impossible
If we all believe
A Heaven on Earth.
That we all can achieve.

by David Whitney
Torrevieja© 2024

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