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July 24

Helen, in the 1960’s I was registered by the British Kennel Club so believe I have some knowledge of our canine friends. Your little dog does not need to go for walkies on beaches. Indeed, it is a bad place for them. Sand gets between their pads & causes intense irritation, peebles can be sharp & cut the pads, seawater is very bad for their coats. Perhaps you let him race around off the lead, just imagine the horror to other people if I let off my 4 German Shepherds. Spain used to have all dog free beaches until the British wore them down & they gave in.

Do dog owners imagine the tide will wash away any poo their pet deposits or even think that a small child may well build a sand castle from sand containing urine? Your pet will be quite happy to be taken for a nice walk on a lead around streets & be able to be properly disciplined whilst doing so. I live further north than you & find the Dutch, Germans & Scandinavians who have used my Kennels, mostly agree that beaches should have remained dog free & indeed I believe are happy to spend their euros in Spain also.



  1. FOUR German shepherds Alice!! Why do you need FOUR!!! Because you want four that’s why Alice. And if someone would want their beloved little chap to take a dip with them as long as he is not causing nuisance, has been trained to not take a dump on the beach, is enjoying him/her / its or ‘they’ selves and is happy social distancing then why not. Don’t be a spoiler Alice. There is far more human urine in the sand than dogs I am sure.


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