Closure of UK bank accounts


October 10, 2020

Dear Editor
There is much correspondence in local papers and on Facebook regarding Barclaycard’s decision to close the accounts of non-UK residents, and there was an article in last week’s CBNews about Eddie and Trudy Cheeseman’s inability to contact Barclaycard.
I was advised by Barclaycard that, unless things change, credit card companies will be unable to chase defaulters living in European countries unless they can provide a UK address. There are ways of doing this.
How did I correspond with Barclaycard? By being registered for an online account and using their ‘Secure Message’ option. They send an email when they have replied, usually within 24 hours, so I can log on and read their response. I have been doing this for many years with no problems. Perhaps this would help Mr and Mrs Cheeseman.

Sonia Kleyman

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