Elche to fine campervanners


Overnight stays in caravans or motorhomes anywhere other than places where it is specifically authorised will be liable to a €90 fine, under plans being implemented by Elche’s coalition council.

Full story in the Costa Blanca News – in the shops on Thursday this week due to the Good Friday bank holiday.

Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper


  1. thats the problem ,, lack of suitable sites ,,, however lot of these camper van drivers do not want to pay anything ,,, i understand that 30 euros a night may be a lot but thats peak season ,, cant have it all .yes i have a small campervan and i have to pay the same as the big ones ,,, thats the price of sunshine ,, im driving from the UK again this year ,,,

  2. I was fined €100 in Menorca parked in a disabled bay because my Blue Badge had fallen out of sight due to high winds rocking the car. No excuse I should have secured my badge better. Camper vans parked illegally should get at least the same €100 they often obscure the view near bends or corners and in peak season are a real hazard.


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