‘Deadly’ Oliva-Pego crash blackspot to be eradicated


A DANGEROUS junction on the N332 between Oliva and Pego will be wiped out next year – but not in time for summer, according to the regional government’s highways department.

Director general for roads Javier Herrero Linazo, meeting with officials in both towns, assured that the plans to build a safe interchange at the Marjal crossroads would be signed off before 2022 was out. The job would be put out to tender at the beginning of 2023, with works due to start in late spring.

Often referred to as the ‘Sant Jaume Hostel junction’, the crossroads between the CV678 Pego Las Marinas road through the marshes has a filter lane onto the N332 for drivers heading north and having to turn left across the fastmoving interprovincial highway.

But those turning right to go south, or entering the Pego road from the N332, automatically create a hazard by having to slow down. And the real danger is for those crossing the N332 to get to the beach road directly opposite.

Crashes are frequent, and several lives have been lost in recent years. Many Pego residents  have holiday homes close to the nearest beaches, in southern Oliva and the El Verger area, meaning they have to take their lives into their hands regularly to commute between these and their year round properties in Pego town.

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