Pro-Life Tory profits from abortions

Rees-Mogg has admitted in a roundabout way he profits from his company's investment in a firm that makes pills that are used in abortions

If you’re a fan of hypocrites it’s been a good week. The loathsome Jacob Rees-Mogg admitted he profits in a roundabout way from his company’s investment in an Indonesian pharmaceutical firm that makes pills that are used in abortions, which are illegal in Indonesia.
Yet only the other week the Pro-Life Tory was telling us that he is against abortion in all circumstances. Well, I guess he is unless there’s a chance to make a buck from them.
The potential future party leader squared his hypocrisy with an appalling response: “This is not something I would wish to invest in personally but you have a duty as an investment manager not to impose constraints on investors.” As some readers of this paper could be of a sensitive disposition I shall refrain from expressing the words that convey what I really think of this politician. But let’s just say my words would even make a rugby captain blush.

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