Pensioner lands café job


Amid the doom and gloom of the UK dailies one lovely story stood out last week, a shining jewel among the flotsam of the Trump presidency and Brexit blah blah blah.
Joe Bartley, an 89-year-old from Devon was snapped up by a local café after he placed an advert for a job in a local newspaper.
He said he was hoping for part-time work to stop him “dying of boredom”. When the owners saw it they offered him an interview which he passed, and he started his first trial shift on Sunday.
It’s a heartwarming tale that demonstrates that as long as the mind and body are in reasonable fettle there’s nothing you can’t do no matter your age.
Although Joe had a choice over whether or not to take a job, continued threats to increase the pension age probably means that working well into advanced years may soon become the norm for all of us.

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