Murdoch’s Power Wedding


And finally, I see that sleaze-peddling billionaire newspaper baron Rupert Murdoch recently got hitched to the Texan model Jerry Hall. This is the family loving man’s fourth marriage and he celebrated with not so much a party as a statement that he’s back at the centre of power.
Despite a bruising few years in which he shut the News of the World, and a committee of MPs declared him unfit to run a global company, it looks like business as usual. Watching a cavalcade of famous faces turn up to the nuptials, from actors to cabinet ministers brought a lump of bile to my throat. Politicians gave Murdoch his power and despite the phone hacking scandal that cost his empire a fortune and left his reputation in tatters, they are still toadying up to him.
Sure, David Cameron and George Osborne were no-shows, but the magnate’s News Corporation still appears to be symbiotically linked to the corridors of power. And it is sickening. His empire looked deliciously on the verge of collapse not so long ago, and if the walls had come tumbling down, nobody would’ve deserved it more.
But once again it has an air of invincibility about it. No wonder they call him the old survivor. Oh how I pray he would say the words that his newspapers have caused so many others to utter: “I wish to withdraw from public life to spend more time with my family.” Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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