London mayor politicises fireworks display

01.01.2019, Großbritannien, London: Feuerwerk explodiert während der Neujahrsfeierlichkeiten am Himmel über dem Riesenrad London Eye. Foto: Paul Woodman / Rmv/RMV via ZUMA Press/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

He’s a cheeky rascal that Sadiq Khan. The Mayor of London used the capital’s main New Year’s Eve fireworks display to send a message that London remains open to Europeans. The London Eye was lit up in the colours of the EU flag and as the fireworks soared into the night sky the words ‘London is open’ was blasted from loudspeakers in several European languages.
While the majority of Londoners wisely voted to remain, it was a mistake to use the annual bash to send a political message. The country is divided on Brexit and will be for years whatever happens, and it does no good to stoke up resentment on a night that should be full of nothing but fun. It’s a slippery slope if our politicians start getting ideas that they can hijack politically neutral events to get their messages across.

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