Fun and Games at the Olympics

Steve Redgrave and John Inverdale during the Olympics rowing coverage

MY PATRIOTIC heart has been beating stronger during the Olympics. What fantastic, superhuman achievements by members of Team GB, truly inspirational and cheering-from-the-rooftops stuff. Are you watching England football team?
I’m also loving some of the antics that are occasionally distracting from the sporting performances. There’s Hungarian swimmer Katina Hosszu’s husband Shane Tusup and his crazy poolside ranting and raving and Sir Bradley Wiggins sticking out his tongue during the national anthem. A tad disrespectful for sure, but also hilarious.
But the most fascinating spectacle has been the frosty relationship between the BBC’s John Inverdale and his commentary partner during the rowing, Sir Steve Redgrave. It appeared the two didn’t get on at all with the Olympic legend interrupting the presenter, shaking a soaking umbrella over him and walking off the set live on-air.
In TV circles, chemistry between presenters is often crucial to a programme’s success. Get it right and you have broadcasting dynamite, get it wrong and shows can flop. But even if the front of camera talent don’t get along it can still make for compelling viewing.
Sir Steve’s commentary may have been duller than a lesson in economic theory, but I hope the BBC pair these two up again. The friction between them could set off fireworks.

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