Death zoo loses licence


THE brass neck of some people is quite frankly staggering.
David Gill, the founder of South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria, which has been dubbed death zoo has had the temerity to apply for a renewal of his licence to operate.
This was after presiding over nearly 500 animal deaths between January 2013 and September 2016. The shocking roll call of animal mistreatment and mismanagement came to light in a report by inspectors who visited the zoo earlier this year.
The depressing read includes mention of three animals being run over by a miniature railway train and the despicable euthanasia of healthy lion cubs and young baboons, simply because there wasn’t enough space for them.
Oh dear, Mr Gill, is the natural world a little bit inconvenient for you?
Look, none of us has any right to capture, contain and breed animals for our entertainment, let alone slaughter them if their presence turns out to be troublesome. Gill also filled 18 sacred ibis birds with lead after being threatened with prosecution for letting them fly free.
It would seem abundantly clear that he is not fit to have any animals in his care. Zoo inspectors also found evidence of animals suffering from hypothermia and emaciation. If I had my way Gill would be serving a long stretch behind bars. Neglect and abuse of any living thing is abhorrent and unacceptable. Those who harm animals should be punished in the same way as if they had harmed humans. At least he had his licence refused.

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